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Bullet is now named “Buddy” and found a forever home!

I just heard the news that our Bullet was adopted by a family in Santa Fe. This mange has healed and hes matured into quite a well behaved and loyal dog.

so happy about that, we miss him so much, but last night we imagined having another pet, we looked at each other and said.. um… noooooo

thats ok 🙂 Rella and Gracie keep up their part of the bargain plenty.

I just dug gracies fave toy out from under the stove. its a little stuffed crab. its got several colors and textures of fabric with big fuzzy eyeballs and a tuft of furry hair on top (lol) she knows how to roll that thing on the edge of its shell back and forth. beware the real crabs of the world!

its stuffed with catnip which, alone doesnt interest her much, but in the crab makes her very happy. every time she gets the crab she meows really loudly as if to call everyone out to come eat. such a nutcase.

photo coming soon, you gotta see it. cracks me up so much


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give a stuff take a stuff

i made up that phrase, awesome isnt it? Its all about freecycle. its not a barter site, everything is free with no strings attached. this is better than barter because what you give and what you can get doesnt have to be tied to the same person. its pretty much in any town, county or village now. search for one near you.

The albuquerque group is here —

i tried two yard sales this summer, and made a decent 40 or 50 bucks. i think i paid 20 bucks for food to feed my family. my brother sold some tools and made 60 and they took off to other yard sales. in the end it always evens out, so why stress on the driveway for hours, when you can do this all in the background and online?

yes give away stuff free but get stuff for free! the catch is, you gotta be chosen to get the stuff, either write to them first, or somehow be the one they like.


this has been a very satisfying and yet curious experience. one persons junk is another persons treasure, thats for sure


i have given away –

1 dog sweater -this was an interesting story – a disabled woman had to find a ride from a friend and drove from moriarty (1.5 hours) to get it. Its a 20 dollar sweater new, used, i dunno, 5 bucks max street value. I specifically described it as a large. Her dog looked like a puppy. so think about that, and now imagine my distaste when she let her dog out of the car to pee and poop on my gravel…. and keep your opinion to yourself because I am and buddha will smile upon us.

1 tent with no poles. — gave it away this weekend, on labor day weekend. the last camping weekend of the summer, she really didnt seem to mind, was very thankful

1 box of stepping stone mix. – im not ever going to use it, so why not? happy to say someone in my neighborhood who didnt have to drive too far came to get it. may her and her kids find much joy in their hand print memories.

1 queen size headboard. it really is beautiful and thats why i had it, but super heavy. its been in the garage blocking my access to stuff. so happy to get rid of it. the taker was really happy to get it, but you couldnt tell because she was on her cell phone most of the time she was here getting it. she also got a brand new carpet.

the old 10 speed ive been carrying around for like 7 years hoping to fix up and ride. its great, just flat and rusty. the foam on it is dead.  the first person in line wanted it for a friend or a roomate, it wasnt clear, but then couldnt come get it after all. i said, well let me know if you really want it and want to make the effort, they didnt. the 2nd in line were a couple living near UNM, happy to find my house since they forgot to write down the address, the guy had his bike stolen and he told me the story, he thinks it he knew who it was, the guy who used to rent his place. So they were like awesome, and i was like yah right on, and the universe was in balance again.

i have some left over wire grid and cut up paver bricks that someone desperately wants. in the old days this was definitely trash, but the point of freecycle is to keep stuff out of the landfill. you cant recycle paver bricks but you can give them to someone to use.

i also have some cat stuff, disposable kitty litter pans. (it was stupid of me to buy!) some kitten chow, litter pan liners brand new.. great stuff for free

i have this great little home improvement grab bag. a new light switch, one of those plug in airwick thingies, doo dads. the taker only wanted the three oddball things. metal bracket leftovers from my garage door opener, an empty drill case – the drill went to goodwill alone oops, and the tile spacers, which new cost no more than $2. I think they are trying to get a new radiator installed to get the car running to come pick these things up, or maybe that was the one who wanted the bricks.

my prize give away is actually the one that is worth the most money. two pet furniture pads and one car back seat pet pad cover. total value about $70 and im not exagerrating. no takers yet. why do i buy this stuff?

oh and btw, im getting a breadmaker as soon as the giver sends me her addy so i can go pick it up. awwwweessommmm

so, thats my experience this weekend, and i was like cool, no money is exchanging hands, and then i saw how much shelf space i freed up, and i was like yeah right on.

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my pets

R&GRella is a Boxer and Gracie is American Curl based on their looks and behaviors but I have no documentation because they both came from the pound.

Rella arrived with kennel cough, a sinus infection and mange and was seriously underweight. She also seemed extremely depressed. It took a month for her to come around, and over the course of a year, shes become an incredibly responsive and loyal pet. I’ve had her 2 years now. Shes had 2 surgeries to remove subdermal tumors and shes had internal bleeding with what we think might be another tumor. I’ve opted not to put her through a 3rd surgery but her last chest x-ray this spring showed her lungs were clear.

When i brought gracie home i noticed that her tail was broken, so i can only assume that the pound kept her that way for two weeks.  She was surrendered by her owner with “behavorial problems” but not without paperwork problems as well. I demanded that the pound vet  dock her tail and he did. Her behavioral problems included shyness, fright and she often would miss the litterbox because of her tail. I noticed her spine has a dent and she cannot move her tail. Another behavorial problem she has is she has peed on the dogs bed, on my suitcase, in a play cage of her own and on a pile of clothes, each time for a reason, usually when shes mad or scared. She hasnt done this in over 6 months, and her shyness is quite gone. She she will cuddle in my lap only by her own choice in her own time, usually when im at the computer, but she is very picky about when shes touched. She wakes me up every morning to get fresh food, and she loves going to get the mail with me and rella.  She often brings a toy as an offering with loud meows, usually at night.

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back by popular demand!

Where did i go? nowhere, i’m still here lol.

Well an update on boxer pup (who has been renamed buddy), he has a new foster dad. Our cat gracie just couldnt handle the stress of almost being shaken to death and crushed by boxer jaws, so she disappeared for hours at a time. we found out where her hiding place is, and glad that its actually in my closet behind a chest where she feels safest.

well the boxer went away to get trained and take his medication for his skin condition, we are happy that he seemed happy when he left. We will miss him.

In other news… we have been spending time watching Battlestar Galactica (the new series) from the beginning. My boyfriend announced his strong desire to watching nothing but that. So my netflix queue is taken up with BSG, and star trek voyager last season last disc actually fell by the wayside (do you believe it?) i had to pick up my little orphan and we are going to hope that the last borg fight will thrill us as much as BSG’s Adama does now.

In other news, i’m looking for a job to start anytime this summer. All leads welcome. I want to stay on the westcoast.

Finally, i finished the crown molding in my bathroom and its hot shit. However, (not to take away from the beauty of it) my showers have been interrupted last couple of days by a long centipede (about 8 inches) living in my tub drain. i checked this morning and its still there. I cant post a picture of it because every time i see it i scream. How could i hold a camera when I cant even hold myself!

ok i just tried googling a picture to post here, and I CANNOT DO THAT! just google it yourself. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AND NOW introducing the FABULOUS Foster Boxer pup “Bullet”!!!


100_0757First day at our home. Bullet (brindle male)  is a foster from ABQ Boxer rescue. The owners surrendered him, im still not sure why. The grey spots you see on his back are possibly burns from a heat lamp put in his dog house. It doesnt look like mange or ring worm. His neck is red and raw from the collar rubbing. We were told he lived outside all his life tied up near a dog house and tree.

We hope the hair grows back.

He socialized with my dog rella immediately and they licked each others faces off already. At first he had information overload and couldnt focus on anything, but then he figured out the best way to get treats. To sit down and shut up! and he got lots of treats.

Of course we had some excitement, you always do with new boxers LOL. He was looking over the back wall as i talked to my new neighbor and her grandkids with their little terriers, and he JUMPED OVER THE WALL, he fell about 15 feet, then bounced and fell another 4 feet to the gravel landed on his side. then he got up and started chasing the little dogs around the yard, my neighbor screaming, chasing him with the shovel, the kids freaking out. i couldnt jump over the wall, but my boyfriend finally did. He didnt hurt the little dogs or the kids, just wanted to roll it over like a toy. My neighbor nearly had a heart attack, she put the kids up onto the wall to keep them safe.  ACK, when my bf finally  got him, he brought him around the block back home lol. Bullet was just being stupid lol. we dug up the ground so that he could no longer look over the wall.

While i was trying to cool off from that excitement i helped myself to some cherries on the counter. He thought that was very interesting, so i continued to give him treats until i taught him to sit and wait for it. It only took 3 tries to teach him to sit. Very smart.

Now i gave them some rawhide and rella and bullet are chewing on it on her treat-eating-rug. Looks like they are content and quiet.

whew what a day lol.

This is a very good dog, he will make someone a very good companion, as long as you keep him in the yard. 🙂

click on the picture to enlarge. use back button to go back to post.100_0766cr

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Camping trip May 29, 30, 31

We went to a small, free quiet place near Socorro NM which we had found last fall on an exploration trip. We had a really roomy spot with some nice neighbors and loud kids (when are they not loud?). But the kids were not there most of the time and we were hiking the rest of the time.

I was able to try out my new REI backpack on a 2 mile trail. this is my first time carrying a pack, and i gave it to my boyfriend after 1 mile. it would have been great had we not had to hike straight up a mountain lol.

BF loves to get a pic of both of us so he sets the camera timer to 10 sec. as you can see im  standing there waiting for him to set the timer.

along the trail, i spotted a horned lizard “horny toad” it was a baby and BF was able to pet it. back at the camp, a pair of deer snuck up on us. as soon as they saw my dog they ran up the hill but we managed to get a second picture of them.

click on the pictures to zoom in

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I’m back from San Diego!

American Thoracic Society. I presented a poster which, I am proud of, but my paper got rejected by the journal. Boss says to drop it, he’s got other jobs for me to do. Its ok really. I didnt take pictures because whats better than a postcard anyway? I hung out alone most of the time. I’ve been to San Diego before. I went shopping and had lots of starbucks.

Back to my house, ready to work! The freeze day is past so now anything and everything can be planted, and since i’m back, now i can water. I just came back from my second trip to home depot. Joe, my plumber guy there, says as always “you can do it”. My backyard faucet was leaking so bad, i had to turn off my water main in between toilet flushes. He said, “just take a wrench and unscrew it, and replace it, use teflon tape, you can do it.” I unscrewed it and off came a short pipe from inside my wall!! AH! If i wasnt’ on anxiety medication, i think i would have fainted at that moment.

I took this whole thing back to joe and he said, oh no problem, here buy this. A short pipe just like the original. “turn off your water, open up a faucet to release the pressure, use teflon tape, you can do it”

I did it. No more dripping. I cant see inside the wall, but i’ll just wait and see. Inside there was a little hole that looked like it was made to handle drips on that inside pipe. just cross your fingers for me.

and now its time to work on the crown molding. stay tuned!

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Yard sale gets a B+

I didnt sell my shelves, but i had my brother and sister and their families over and they sold some stuff. We all pushed it into the garage to be ready for next time. They approved of my first batch of posole. My bedroom is in complete shambles because i removed the shelves and im going to build wall shelves, but when i left lowes yesterday i left one of my bags that held the tiny screws that was the reason i went to lowes in the first place. in the meantime i gotta plant the new bushes i bought 🙂

making up for lost time. 3 cheers to the coming summer!

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swine flu links

Swine Flu Info

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Happy weekend!

good morning! i was getting my yard sale ready and carefully watched all the weather reports. they said it wouldnt rain and said nothing about wind! they were wrong!!! going to set it up in the garage and hope for another chance tomorrow!

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